A Small Breakthrough


I started using the ClassDojo App as a behavior tool to track positive and negative behaviors, which means I carry the classroom iPad around a LOT. My iPad has been switching off to a black screen randomly, which is annoying when I am trying to use it, and of course my kids notice because they don’t want anything to get in the way of getting their points.

Right after the final bell one day, my little T______ bounds up to me: “I can fix that!”

T_____ is a darling kid and he struggles with just about every subject.

He took the iPad in his dirt covered hands and my gut reaction was, “Whooooa, do not touch that” but he was flying through the icons like a master. He found the settings button (which was hidden within a couple of folders), and viola! Fixed.

I ask kids to read and write and multiply for me constantly—but here was a moment for this kid to shine in a different way. I loved it.

2 thoughts on “A Small Breakthrough

    • Thanks Sam! I was looking for an alternative to classroom money this year (I just couldn’t bring myself to set up a money system again . . . ) and ClassDojo was it! I’ve loved it and was really surprised by how much my students care about it. There is always a line of several kids at the end of the day, wanting to see their graph. Talk about motivation 🙂 So thank you for creating something great!

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